Van Horn Web Page Stats


Information Stats
1976 Classmates listed... 414
1976 Classmates with senior pictures... 397
1976 Classmates without senior pictures... 17
1976 Classmates location unknown... 242
1976 Classmates location known... 172
1976 Classmates listing an email address... 129
1976 Classmates Deceased... 29
1976 Classmates living in the Kansas City Area... 98
1976 Classmates submitting a current picture... 20
Miller, Darla Miller, William Molder, Lovena Montgomery, Doug Moore, Jerry Morgan, Ruby Morley, Steven Moss, David Mullies, Brian Mullins, Vicki Murphy, Mike Nelson, Ruby Nelson, Todd Neuman, Karla Nichols, David Nicoll, Tammy Nixon, Karen Norris, Tammy O'Conner, Denny Oles, Celina
Olinskey, Raymond Osborn, Ted Osburn, Melody Osowski, Ed Owsley, Kevin Pappas, Val Parrish, Tammy Peck, Joy Pennington, Clay Peters, Karen Pierce, Janet Polc, Steve Porterfield, Jill Potts, Ryan Prins, Martin Rader, Margaret Rahe, Daney Rains, Nora Ray, Peggy Reilley, Ellen
Rice, Karen Rice, Tina Richards, Alison Richards, Deanna Richards, Michael Riley, Darrell Roberts, Sandy Rockers, Cheryl Rounds, Steve Rowan, Jay Royal, Rebecca Russell, Marilee Ryan, Julie Sammons, Katherine Sanders, Randy Schelp, Michael Schinderling, Renee Schlappi, Vickie Schmidt, Lisa Schmitz, Sheryl

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