Just a friendly update to let the Van Horn Alumni know what's going on with the web page. My name is Roy Timberman, Class of 1967. I developed this web page presentation in 1998 and have upgraded as often as time and money permits since then.
On May 4, 2012, while riding a motorcycle escort, I had a stroke which had some long standing repercussions. I have been getting back into the 'groove' so-to-speak and trying to get the submissions, updates, etc. for the website back up to date as much as possible. I believe that I now have what information that has been presented on line. Alumni have been updated with what has been submitted. I'm working on the pictues submitted... they require resizing, etc. The sad part is that we are far from complete in the information that has been submitted and it would seem that there is a low level of interest in one's past.
Thanks to those that have participated and if I can get some interaction with the reunion committee's and their alumni information I can update the lists here even more. As with all things, the cooperation between us will help and make a much better presentation for all to make use of.
Another take away from doing the website updates is the sad list of classmates that have passed. I've had some very good and long time friends that have crossed over. It is a very saddening bit of information when a death notice is submitted. It is also something to note that the rest of us are not getting any younger and I'm sure we all can note some aches and pains that the 'golden years' seem to give us. Younger Alumni will get there... just be patient!
I will maintain the website as long as I can and there is something to do. I have rewritten a bit of the admin pages so that when a submission is made I can better handle it. It is quite time consuming to maintain, especially when I'm not the energetic person that I used to be.
Thank you to all the Alumni that have participated!
One little additional piece of information... There are numerous sites on line that purport to provide a contact point for grads. This is just one of the many but it is definitely a direct representation of Van Horn High School, Independence, MO and that only. I don't attempt to provide graduate access, listings, etc. from any other school. Please be sure that you are submitting your information to these entities for the correct school. I have seen a large number of graduates that I know to be from VHHS in Independence, MO on other sites, particulary they were listed on Van Horn High School, Van Horn, Texas and they most certainly were not from that school. I hope that there are not any from Van Horn High School in Texas listed on this web site. My listings are primarily taken from the yearbooks, commencement flyers, and in a few cases, submissions from class coordinators, or the graduate themselves. If there is a graduate from Texas or any other entity who has been erroneously listed here, please advise the webmaster and they will be removed.

There is no charge for anything I do here.  I own the internet service that I have the web page hosted on and I do the work myself basically. Of course no charge means I do this in my spare time... what there is of it.
Roy Timberman
Class of '67

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