Class Coordinators
The Class Coordinator is a classmate who has volunteered to assist with reunion activities, student status and other class related information.  The class coordinator has in all cases put in a great amount of work with the help of other classmates and friends to maintain a list of current addresses and status of the classmates.  This list assists in getting these classmates notified in the event of a class reunion.  Additionally the class coordinator helps and guides in planning a reunion.  We all owe our thanks to these folks who volunteer their valuable time for this effort.

Many times this 'volunteer' work is not recognized as such.  It is just that.  The class coordinator in many cases has children to raise, family obligations, and a regular job commitment.  The volunteer then is extending a helper to the site here at their leisure and it is appreciated.  There are those that have nothing else to do and have a 'passion' for the coordinator work and I'd like to recognize those folks too.  They are doing an excellent job.  Please give the rest of us a chance to keep up with your 'passion'.
At this time I do not have information on a class coordinator for every year although I'm sure they exist. Please submit such information if I do not have it listed.

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