It is now possible for you to present a current picture of a classmate on line.

Upload the picture as an email attachment to the Webmaster being sure to include
Class Year and Graduate Name.

Alternately you can submit a current picture by mailing it to the Webmaster at:
VHHS Web, Attn: Roy Timberman, POBox 10794, Gladstone, MO 64188-0794
SASE for return of picture...

Or you can upload a picture directly from the form below...

Enter Classmate Name / Grad Year:
Select your file to upload:
NOTE: It is preferable for you to upload a file that I can easily identify.  Please label the file with the last two digits of your year of graduation and your name if possible.
If you upload some picture such as Picture1.jpg or Picturexx.jpg there is a good chance it will either overwrite or be overwritten by another that uploaded a similar named picture. That is why I ask for you to identify the picture as suggested in the example below. Simply right click on the file on your computer and select to rename it.
Example: Robert Smith, Class of 1963 would be 63rsmith.jpg... I accept any file format although .jpg is preferred. I will crop the picture to a size compatible with the presentation here and make it a .jpg file if it is not. The picture will NOT UPLOAD if it is one of your multi-megapixel camera pictures. These are simply a waste of your time and mine because of their size. The picture will be cropped to a picture that is 250 pixels or less wide. It is desireable that your picture is of your head/face and not your favorite car/boat, etc. with you in it. The focus is on the alumni and nothing else... you get the idea! Another problem that I've seen is the 'out of focus' pictures that folks seem to think are great from their cell phones. I will evaluate and present only pictures that are of a quality that you are presented at your best.

Pictures are placed manually by the webmaster as time permits.

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