About errors and their correction on vanhorn.org...  this is the return email I'll be sending the classmates that report errors.  It explains my position on errors.

Dear Classmate,

Your correction request has been noted.

My policy is to staunchly follow the yearbook presentation for spelling of the student name when I put it on the web page.  I also associate the picture with the name that appears under it.  I have found, as you can well imagine, several discrepancies.  These discrepancies are the result of misspelled names, incorrect picture association, poor student history presentation, elected officer status, and changes that occurred after the yearbook was finalized, among other things.

My method of handling the errors that are reported is to put the information in the bio of the classmate and indicate what the correction should be.  I also will be using the First Name/Last Name fields in the database to correct spelling, names, etc.

Using that method the information presented both matches the yearbook and corrects the errors as they are reported.

If I have in fact committed a simple typographical error from the information presented in the yearbook, then I will of course simply correct the typo.

Thank you for reporting the error to me.  I appreciate those keeping a vigil on things.  I have also created an 'error report' form for the convenience of the classmates.  It can be accessed from the main page.

Roy Timberman