As with all thing great and small... there are errors at times.  These yearbooks are no exception.  I'll try to list errors as I find them so that we can at least laugh about them if nothing else...  I personally have seen teachers with the wrong name under their picture... students that didn't exist, etc.

1961 43 Shalton, Gary M. Really a picture of Harold Shaw.
1961 43 Shaw, Harold M., Jr And of course this is Gary Shalton's picture.
1965 76 Linda Talley/James Tally Pictures are switched on the junior pages.
1971 272 Cheryl Slayton Cheryl Slayton misspelled "Sheryl"
1980 30? N/A Page 30 was labeled as page 32 (duplicated)
1980 31 Robert Closson Teacher name misspelled as 'Clossan'
1980 33 S. Eaton Teaches Speech, Drama and Drama??
1980 39 M. Reynolds Spelled Mrs. Reynolds name wrong as Reyolds.  Where was the proofer on this?
1980 38 M. Perkins Misspelled develop
1967 50 Sally Moses Name misspelled in yearbook.
1972 31 Dianna Daniels Misspelled Dianna as Diana.
1977 N/A Duane Daugherty Reports that even though he had a senior picture taken... it was not presented.
1980 178 Melissa Mader Name misspelled Melisa Masler
1980 060 Marla Downey Name misspelled Maria Downy
1964   Betty Nickles Name was misspelled Nicles in the yearbook.
1981 139 Deanna Dehn and Michael Dixon Pictures were switched.
1982   Johnny Jordan/William Jones Pictures were switched.



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