The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1972 Classmates.  We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate.  No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here. Listing was taken directly from the 1972 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research.  A status of 'Located' indicates that more info is available from your class coordinator.

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1972 Classmates G-I

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Gall, Jeffjgall@truman.eduHalstead, RickLocated
Galpin, StevenLocatedHamilton, CindyUnknown
Gandy, Lorettaowgirls@netzero.netHandlen, StevenDeceased - 04/27/2008 Clinton, MO
Garrison, BeckyBeckyteaches2003@yahoo.comHaney,
Garzonio, DennisUnknownHardy,
Gates, CarolynUnknownHardy, SteveUnknown
Gaunt, Susansgaunt1@hotmail.comHarleman, DeborahLocated
Gay, LindaUnknownHarrison, David EDeceased - 01/21/2005 Independence, MO
Gentry, DonLocatedHart, Dana EllenUnknown
Gessley, DonLocatedHart,
Gile, CathyLocatedHartford,
Gill, KathyLocatedHartley, JamieLocated
Gilmore, Kerryqueenmumkp@gmail.comHattey, BradLocated
Gilpatrick, ZolaLocatedHayworth, PatriciaLocated
Glenn, RhondaLocatedHazen, SusanLocated
Glines, Pamelapamelachilcutt@yahoo.comHedrick, JennyLocated
Goetz, JancieLocatedHedrick, JimUnknown
Goff, DianaUnknownHeinrich, DavidLocated
Goins, Jimjag@contech.orgHeitzman,
Gore, GregUnknownHendrickson, JoAnnLocated
Gosney,, DianeUnknown
Gossey, DougLocatedHendrix,
Goucher, DebbieLocatedHennigh, JohnUnknown
Gow, ValerieUnknownHickel,
Grant, DavidDeacon32@wowway.comHickman, DebbieLocated
Green, MikeDeceasedHicks, DorindaUnknown
Greenwood, GaryUnknownHilton,
Greer, IgorUnknownHoke, DarylLocated
Gried, ReneeUnknownHollis, JimLocated
Griffin, Patriciapghse@yahoo.comHolman, JohnLocated
Grimmet, CarlLocatedHooper, DelaineUnknown
Groves, Gary WUnknownHorton, Charles SUnknown
Gulledge, Juliewadej46@aol.comHouser, GaylLocated
Haase, ErnieLocatedHoux, BeverlyLocated
Hackett, Dennis JLocatedHoux, MikeLocated
Hadden, RickDeceased - 8/29/1973 North Kansas City, MOHowe, Ralph LUnknown
Haden, Sararognsar@aol.comHutchens,
Hales, KarenUnknownIssac, JanLocated
Hall, Jerry LeeUnknown